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Here is a successful career and dreams can be an excellent platform!

The company opened employment mechanism and openness and respect for talent, attracting overseas, Fortune 500 companies, domestic enterprises outstanding group of top talent from. Sustained and rapid development of the company, forming a continuous demand for talent.

HR philosophy
Employees are the most important partners;

Code of Conduct
Let our partners richer capabilities;

Personnel policies

¡ñ compensation and benefits:
With industry and regional competitive salaries, rewarding talent on this harvest is not only the cause, as well as the interests of a reasonable return. The company offers five insurance for employees: work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, pension insurance and medical insurance

¡ñ promotion:
The company advocates "fair, just and open" competitive environment, and strive to make each employee GSP sustainable spatial development;

¡ñ Assessment:
Appraisal system effective incentive, through the work of employees with outstanding performance to give recognition, rewards, and provide long-term career development opportunities, amounting to join hands in the pursuit of excellence, the purpose of shared outcomes.

¡ñ Training:
Companies continue to introduce and nurture talent, to provide comprehensive career development services, skills and management systems with a comprehensive internal training and external training programs to provide opportunities and environment for every employee development and growth, so as to establish a fruitful, vibrant and sustainable and stable workforce.