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SIEMENS SIMOTION motion control system

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    Product Name: SIEMENS SIMOTION motion control system Product model: SIMOTION Examples of manufacturing machinery manufacturing industry - SIMOTION SIMOTION is a new Siemens motion control system, it is the world first for the production of

Product Name: SIEMENS SIMOTION motion control system 
Product model: SIMOTION
Examples of manufacturing machinery manufacturing industry - SIMOTION
SIMOTION is a new Siemens motion control system, it is the world first for the production of machinery and the design of control system, the motion control, logic control and process control functions integrated in a body and provides a complete solution for the production of machinery.
Mechanical movement is more and more complex, the speed and accuracy of the requirements are also getting higher and higher. SIMOTION oriented industries, mainly in packaging machinery, rubber machinery, forging machinery, textile machinery, and other production machinery field is for complex motion control and the introduction of a new motion control system.
SIMOTION motion control system:
By a system to complete all the motion control tasks
Machine suitable for many moving parts
The SIMOTION system has three components:
Engineering development system
Engineering development system can be achieved by a system to solve the all motion control, logic and process control problems, and it can also provide all the necessary tools, from the programming to the parameter setting, from test to fault diagnosis.
Real time software module
These modules provide a large number of motion control and process control functions. Flexible selection of relevant modules for a particular machine.
hardware platform
The hardware platform is the basis of SIMOTION motion control system. The application program which is developed by the engineering development system and uses the real-time software module can run on different hardware platforms, and the user can select the hardware platform which is the most suitable for the machine.
The difference of SIMOTION is that the system can be divided according to the task level, with flexible function, and the use of the same engineering development tools.
SIMOTION motion control system can be connected to three kinds of hardware platform:
Compact system integrated with D- SIMOTION in drive. The function of D SIMOTION is integrated in the control template of the new S120 SINAMICS multi axis drive system. Make it an extremely compact system with a controller and a drive. The motion control and drive function are integrated together, which makes the system have a very fast response speed.
In typical applications
According to its compact design, as well as the integration of this feature on the drive, D SIMOTION is especially suitable for:
- small machinery
In the distributed automation structure, such as multi axis machine
In the modular design of the machine, can also be used in conjunction with the SIMOTION P or SIMOTION C
- extremely high real-time requirement of multi axis coupling application
C SIMOTION - modularity and flexibility
The C230-2 SIMOTION controller is assembled in the S7-300 case. It has four analog interface for connecting the driver, and with a number of digital input and output ports. In addition, C230-2 can extend the I/O S7-300 template and function template. C230-2 has two PROFIBUS interface with clock synchronization as well as a second state network interface, which provides a variety of communication methods.
In typical applications
Modular design makes the C230-2 with high flexibility, can meet the requirements of many applications:
Has the highest flexibility - to drive the choice of
In a very wide range of signal
P SIMOTION - a task that needs to be opened
P350 SIMOTION is a motion control system based on PC. It uses NT Windows operating system with real-time processing capability.
In addition to the SIMOTION control task, other PC applications can also perform. For example: operator monitoring, process data analysis, standard PC applications, etc..
In typical applications
Open and industrial PC technology makes P350 especially suitable for:
Open PC environment - Requirements
In the control and display requirements occasions performed both on the same hardware platform
With convenient data management, analysis and reporting applications - Requirements
- on the remote operator and remote diagnosis and control requirements of high places
In this way, each kind of hardware platform has the advantage to some specific application domain. Different hardware platforms can be used together to deal with complex control tasks. Different hardware platforms always have the same system resources, and their functions and engineering development are always the same.
SIMOTION more innovative, more outstanding, more simple!

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